Ways to get a new perspective on your practice

We’re emerging from the cold, dark winter, and business might be a little slow as everyone is not quite ready to get out of hibernation just yet.  So lets think about some ways that we can improve what we do so we are ready for spring!

Try something different – change up the photos on  your website; get a new and different cd of music in your treatment room; heck, just change your phone machine greating!  Maybe something even easier than that – a different mid-day snack or a different color plate to eat lunch on can change your perspective!

Celebrate your successes.  Celebrate the things that you did well last year, last month, even yesterday and put those things to work for you!

Learn a day technique.  Invest in yourself while it is slow and the days are short.  Watch an online seminar and really utilize the new techniques for a week and see if they add value to your practice.

Connect with colleagues. Or connect with someone in a different business than you that you’d like to get to know  Ask someone out for coffee and really listen to what they have to say about adding value to your business – what classes did they find useful, what author should you read, what’s the one thing they would tell their younger self?  Just remember, no bitching only positives – it’s winter, you need this to be a sunny visit.

Volunteer.  When it is slow at your practice, go and volunteer somewhere.  You will be surprised at the immediate value it adds to  your life and the long term value connecting with different people will add to your practice.

So, put yourself to work during your slow moments. Improve yourself. Improve your practice. Connect with bethteachesbodywork and tell us your secret for gliding past the slow times in your practice.