Let’s Talk Retail

Many therapists find that adding retail to their practice allows them the opportunity for a greater ticket average from each client. While they are right, in part, as that strategy will create more impulse buys, we must be wary when we enter retail because it not only changes our business, it can change our practice too.  So let’s talk about the keys to successfully adding a retail element to your massage therapy practice.

First, you as an individual should appreciate, use, and enjoy the products you are selling. Your enthusiasm and experience will guide your sales.

Fully understand the products that you are selling. You should know the ingredients and how they are made. Know how to properly use the products and what results are expected. Choose the items from the line that you are confident in. All of these strategies will enhance your sales presentation. When you do present, remember that you don’t have to show every product you carry. In fact, this will almost always lead to confusion. Connect with your clients, recommend specific products for their unique needs. Just as your therapy is tailored to each individual client, your sales pitch should be as well.

Next, keep a balanced stock, perhaps you could presell items rather than have everything available.  Consider your storage space before buying product – where are you going to store and inventory your stock?  Buy in smaller amounts until you know how much you are going to sell, even if it is slightly more expensive. You don’t want to carry too much inventory, you may get caught with an item that expires or goes out of stock.

And finally, really consider all your costs when pricing.  Does your price include shipping? Have you included the cost of your time while ordering, stocking, and managing inventory? Each of these factors effects your bottom line. While this may be the cherry on top of your cake, you don’t want to sell yourself (or the product) short.

Make sure that your retail products truly add value to your practice. Don’t let them take away from the original and basic intent of your practice. Retail can be a great way to boost your value to your clients as well as boost the bottom line of your practice.

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