Sound Proofing your space

At bethteachesbodywork we hear from therapists all the time who hate the noise they can hear outside while they are in session.  Sometimes the clients even mention it and that can really ruin a great session.

So, we put together a list of easy-ish ways to add some sound barriers to you space.

  1. Hang a quilt on the wall, the thicker the better.  Fabric covering the most offending wall will bury the sound, plus you get a great piece of fabric art to display. You can even add a piece of foam behind it for extra sound proofing.
  2. A white noise machine.  These are readily available and they just add white noise. I even have had some therapists who use two different music tapes, one with regular spa music. And a second with wave sounds, that they play on a lower volume.
  3. A thick rug on the floor.  Again, dense fabric buries sound!  Looks pretty too, and will add warmth to the room on these winter days.
  4. Sliding a towel under the door helps keep outside sounds outside. There is a product called a “draft  dog” that you could buy, but we all have towels at our studios anyway,  just dedicate one to the floor.
  5. Invest in sound panels, this might be a bit more costly but will certainly solve the problem.  With the increase in in-home media rooms there are lots of different designs to choose from.

Share your ideas with us…