Continuing Education as a Resource

One of the primary reasons many of us entered the profession of massage therapy was to have more control over our lives, to have more control of our schedules, and to be our own bosses. Therefore, I know that many of us take great exception to our state’s continuing education requirements for massage therapists. Why? I know it is expensive to pay for tuition for school, and for the testing, and for the licensure, and then for the business start up. Keep investing in your self, keep investing in your business, your practice. You are important. Your practice is your livelihood. These are worthy investments that you should be continually making.

Continuing Education makes you better as a therapist. If you take the right courses, CEs can improve your ability to steer your practice to success. You can take courses to learn about marketing, building clientele, and retain clients. There’s so much to learn, so many choices to make. It can be overwhelming.

My suggestion with finding a CE match is that you make a list. Make a list of your clients that you currently have – their needs, their difficulties and the ways that you are good at helping them and the things that you might want to get better at helping them with. Then make a list of your ideal clients – who are they, what do they do? What needs would you like to meet for them? Then maybe include on your list the things that you were best at during school and the things you had the most trouble with.

You might be starting to se a pattern as you make our list, and everyone’s list should be different. Seek out the things that you need help with as you build your ideal client list. Seek out things that will assist you in becoming a better therapist to your existing client base. Invest in yourself, in your current clients and in your future growth. Don’t always go with the closest or the least expensive class, optimize your time and your will see a bigger reward from your clients.